Vegan Travel Guides

Have you reached the point in your vegan journey where you travel specifically for the food? (Don’t worry, you’re not alone!) Have you booked to go somewhere and you’re looking for places to eat? Or do you want to book a holiday but you’re not sure if the place is vegan friendly? Welcome to Travel by VeritΓ© Vegan! Well, someone’s gotta do the hard task of visiting these places and trying all the food, right?

As with all of the content on this blog, the focus is on little fuss for maximum effect (remember, that’s what the VeritΓ© vibe is all about), so I want to share with you all my quest to find cruelty-free food wherever I go, in the hope that it becomes easier for everyone to eat vegan, no matter the location.

Click on a city image below for a vegan guide. For places that I visit often, the guide will be updated as I work through, in which case it will be marked as one to keep checking!

Anywhere you think I should go? Let me know!

vegan berlin2

vegan london